WHAT WE are doing to keep you safe

We are abiding by Washington State  personal services guidelines to do everything possible to keep our clients and ourselves safe.

1) Sanitation. We are fully sanitizing all of our equipment between each client.

2) Limiting appointments. We are booking less appointments and spacing them out to allow for thorough sanitation between clients.

3) Masks. We will be wearing a mask and face shield for the entirety of your appointment. We ask that you also wear your own mask. If you would like to tan your face, we will have you remove your mask at the very end for 5 seconds.

4) Gloves. We will replace our gloves for every client and wear at all times.

5) Fresh clothing and coverings. We will change our clothing entirely or change our smock covering between each client.

6) No reuse of any equipment touching the bodies. We can no longer use drying powder after each client. However, we now have individual powder and brush kits available for your own purchase! We are happy to apply for you with your personalized kit, and then you can keep your own powder and brush for your self-tan or our next spray tan!

7) Payment without contact. We accept Venmo to limit contact.

8) Vaccinated. All of our spray tan artists are fully vaccinated.

please abide by our safety protocols

1) Wear a mask at all times. Please have your own mask on as you open the door upon greeting us.

2) Clean your hands. Please wash your hands prior to your appointment, but please do not use sanitizer right before your tan.

3) Cancel your appointment if you have any symptoms. Please do not put the safety of our team and clients at risk if you have even a slight symptom or have been in contact with someone who has symptoms. We are happy to reschedule your appointment if you are feeling sick.

4) Tan alone. Please do not bring anyone with you to your appointment, as we are trying to limit exposure whenever possible. For mobile tans, ensure that all other family members and house guests are in a different room.

5) For mobile tans, consider tanning outside when possible. If the weather permits and if you have a backyard with access to an electrical outlet, we are happy to tan outside to help limit exposure in your home and have a continuous airflow.

6) Pay without contact. Pay with venmo to limit contact is an option. We do also accept credit cards and cash in the event this is not possible.