Frequently asked questions

Where in the Greater Seattle area do you service for the mobile tanning option?

Our mobile airbrush tanning option comes directly to your door! This includes homes/apartments, hotel rooms, dorms, offices, or on-set! Our pop-up tent requires a 5x5 space, one outlet, and access to good lighting. We service approximately a 7 mile radius from downtown Seattle. This includes *most* areas of Seattle, most areas of Bellevue, Mercer Island, Clyde Hill, and Medina. (Unfortunately, we DO NOT SERVICE West Seattle, Kirkland, Shoreline, Lake City, Ranier Beach, Renton, Newcastle, Issaquah, Sammamish) ***Please visit our service area map to see if we come to you:

How long will my tan last?

This depends on several factors including your skin type, skin prep, darkness of tan, physical activity and aftercare. Your tan should last minimum of 5 days, up to 10 days. The tan will fade with the natural cycle of your skin, so your tan prep is critical! Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate for the few days leading up to your tan. Tanning on a fresh layer of skin will help with the even results and longevity of your tan. Click here for more preparation tips. If traveling, you will most likely experience a shorter tan because of the dry plane air, difference in weather, chlorine, ocean water, sunscreen, sweating, etc. But there are ways to help increase the life of your tan. Click here for tips on how to maintain your tan.

Do you customize the tanning solution?

Yes, we customize the solution based on your unique skin tone, and the shade of tan you desire. We can give you a super-light sunkissed glow, or a deep and dark bronze that's never orange! We will also contour and highlight your natural lines, creating a slimming effect.

Will I smell after my tan?

Absolutely not. Our specially-designed organic solution doesn’t have an unpleasant after-scent. You can go back to work or go out to dinner without being smelly. This is one thing our clients rave about compared to other tanning solutions!

Do I need to worry about orange tones or streaks from my tan?

Absolutely not. Our organic, sugar-based solution prevents any orange undertones. Other solutions on themarket are derived from beet or beta-carotene (carrot extracts) creating an orange undertone and a funny scent. Zuma Tan's unscented products will give you a golden-brown colour. In addition, our airbrush technicians are highly qualified and
trained to avoid any streaks or unevenness.

What is the difference between the standard and the express solution?

The only difference is shower time. Both solutions have the ability to be as light or as dark as you desire, and the longevity of your tan is the same. For standard solutions, you can take your first shower in 8-24 hours and it won't overdevelop. For express solutions, you must take your first shower in 2-4 hours MAX (time depends on desires darkness). If you want more flexibility with timing, we recommend the standard solutions. If you want to tan and shower as soon as possible, we recommend express solutions. With the Express Tan, it’s important to note that although you will shower in 2-4 hours, you will not look immediately tan after your shower. Even after your shower, the tan needs 10-24 hours to fully develop. However, once you take the first shower you can get wet and resume business as usual. This is why the express tan is very popular because the "being careful" period is only 2-4 hours.

I am fair-skinned. Will my Zuma Tan still look natural?

Yes. We customize the solution to suit your individual skin tone. If it’s your first time tanning, we suggest selecting a lighter shade.

How do I prepare for my Zuma Tan?

Please read our before and after care page before your appointment!

What should I wear to my appointment? Can I tan nude?

Our customers love Zuma Tan because we tan at YOUR location and that means you can be most comfortable during and after your tan. During your tan, we recommend wearing whatever you’re most comfortable with! Most of our clients tan nude to avoid tan lines, while some clients will wear their own underwear or swimsuits. We also have disposable thongs for you. Men must wear some form of undergarment (underwear, boxers, bathingsuit, sock) After your tan while you are developing, it's best to wear dark, loose clothing. There is a cosmetic bronzer in the solution and it can rub off on clothing (it will was out in the laundry). We recommend long, loose pants (sweats, pj pants) and an oversized shirt or sundress to avoid skin-to-skin rubbing, animals licking, and bronzer transfering to your furniture. Once you take the first shower, the tan will not transfer and you canr esume business as usual! If sleeping in the tanning solution, we recommend wearing long, loose pj pants and a long-sleeved, loose shirt. This helps create a barrier for any funny sleeping positions you can't control overnight. Imagine if your chest wasn't covered and your palms were resting on your chest overnight and the tan transfers to you hands...oh no! You can avoid overnight rubbing and splotching by covering up.

How do I maintain my tan?

Read more about tan maintenance on our Before & After Care page.

Can I exercise after my tan?

While your tan is developing before your first shower (8-14 hours for standard tan and 3-4 for express tan), absolutely no working out or sweating. Once you take your first shower and the top layer of the tanning solution has washed off, you're good to resume life as normal, including workouts. Our contoured spray-tans also help you appear lighter so you will look extra lean while hitting the gym ;)

I have a special event that I want to be tan for? When should I get my Zuma Tan?

We recommend tanning 1-2 days before an event. For brides, we recommend 2-3 days before your wedding to ensure all excess bronzer is washed off to avoid transfer onto your wedding dress. If you are going on vacation, we recommend the day before you leave so it lasts as long as possible!

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check, venmo, and all major credit cards.

I am pregnant or breastfeeding. Is Zuma Tan safe?

Our solutions are safe for pregnant or breasfeeding mommies :) Our solutions use organic and vegan ingredients. We even provide nipple covers for breastfeeding mommies so that babies to not have to be exposed when feeding. We also provide nose filters to avoid an inhalation of fumes. We always recommend checking with your doctor and are happy to provide a list of our ingredients if needed.