First Time Tanners.


Zuma Tan is a complete sunless tanning experience. Without any of the damaging effects of the sun, you can have a bronzed tan year-round. We fully customize your tan color based on your unique skin tone, whether you are looking for a natural sunkissed glow, or a deep dark tan.


We will do a skin consultation and discuss your tanning desires. While we mix your color and finish setting up, you will get undressed. Most of our clients prefer to tan nude, but we also have disposable thongs available. If you prefer to use your own underwear, that works too (it washes out in the laundry)! Men must wear some form of an undergarment. We accommodate whatever is most comfortable for our clients.

You will step inside the tent. Using an airbrush, we will thoughtfully apply your custom tan on the body. This is not a one-sized fits all approach like those machines in tanning salons-- we fully customize each tan for each unique body, including contouring. We will completely dry you with a fan, and you are ready to get dressed into loose, dark clothing. The whole process takes about 30 minutes.

After your tan, please ensure you have a change of loose clothing and flip flops or loose shoes.

You will then wait for your tan to develop. If you selected the Signature Organic Tan, you will wait 8-14 hours before showering. If you selected the Express Organic Tan, you will wait 2-4 hours to shower. During this development period, you cannot sweat, workout, get wet, go out in the rain, or wear tight clothing. Over this development period, the tanning bronzers on your skin will darken and might even look alarmingly dark...but do not worry! Once you shower, the top layers of the tanning solution will come off and a more natural looking tan will be left on your skin.

After your development time, you will take your first shower, but not scrubbing too hard. In the shower, the top layers of the solution will come off in the shower and the tan will be revealed underneath. After the shower, moisturize using a paraben-free lotion. You can now resume your daily life, and will look better doing it!

Your tan will last 5-9 days depending on how well you take care of your skin.

We encourage all first-time clients to read our Before & After Tips and FAQs


Our premium mobile service brings the tanning directly to your door. We tan you in your home, office, dorm room, hotel room, sorority house, or wherever is most comfortable for you! We service approximately 7 miles from downtown Seattle. Click here to ensure you are in our service area.

We bring a pop-up tent inside your home that completely contains all of the tanning solution. We need an area about 5 ft X 5ft and a nearby electrical outlet.


Zuma Tan traveled across the country in search of the best organic tanning solutions. Our unique solutions are made primarily of apple sugar. When you cut open an apple, it's exposed to oxygen and darkens in color. The same oxidation applies for our apple-sugar based solutions. Most other organic tanning solutions are made of beets or carrots and leave the skin with pink and orange tones. Zuma Tan will leave you with the perfect bronzed glow.

Our sugar based tan not only is the best color, but it doesn’t have an unpleasant odor. In fact, our clients rave about how subtle and nice the tan smells. Because of this, you can go out in public while your tan develops without smelling nasty!


We're also infused with aloe vera and moisturizing botanicals, meaning it won’t dry out your skin like other spray tan products do. Due to our moisturizing agents, your tan will fade like a natural tan would, not scaley or splotchy. We’ve also infused our solution with anti-aging ingredients, such as caffeine.

Because our tans are organic and vegan, we are safe for pregnant women and breastfeeding mommies. We will even provide nipple covers for clients who are breastfeeding and don't want their babies exposed during feeding.

We have 5 master certifications and have traveled the country for master training. Every year we go to Las Vegas and Los Angeles to train with celebrity spray tan artists and bring our clients the latest techniques and solutions for flawless tans!

Plain and simply put, Zuma Tan delivers the highest quality organic tan without the damaging effects of the sun.