Exfoliating Mitt by Zuma Tan


Zuma Tan created this resuable mitt especially for our customers to achieve the best spray tans and self tans. Not only does this help prep your skin for your tan, but it is the best way to take off an existing tan!


Note: This is a strong exfoliation and is not a gentle one. Say goodbye to your dead skin cells and fading tans.


How to use:

For prepping skin for a tan: Use in shower/bath for a few days leading up to your tan. This is a strong exfoliation and your skin needs time to settle, so we do not recommend using it right before your tan. Last exfoliation should be 24 hours prior to tan.


For removing an old tan: Soak body in a warm shower/bath for 10 minutes. While skin is still wet, use wet mitt to exfoliate your fading tan off. Rinse mitt and wash with soap to reuse when needed again.


    We are only able to deliver to the Greater Seattle Area at this time, within a 10 mile radius from downtown Seattle. Orders will be delivered within 1-2 days of purchase, pending stock availability.